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Re: Where speculation ends

For crying out loud, it's about photography man, not about trying to find the Higgs boson. In practice you can't even set your camera more accurate than 1/3 stop increments and if you're using one of the camera's auto modes the deviation from the 'ideal' exposure will be far greater most of the time.


MrSkelter wrote:
I have.

I'd like to see numbers, or graphs at a much greater scale. Everything is so clustered that, even if she has no agenda, the graphs make similar performance hard to separate clearly.

As there's no point to any of this unless you're interested in the details I'm hoping she can stretch the Y axis so we're not forced to try and trace yellow lines on white to see how things track.

I'd also like to see the data-points plotted as curves. If that's not accurate points would be better. Straight-lines, as we have here, are meaningless and the crossover points are deceptive. Sensor performance doesn't 'tip' at arbitrary ISO/EV values.

If I'm wrong in that I'd like to learn why from the OP.

cluna wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:

That's a great background for this kind of analysis but if she's not going to share links to the images she analyzed and/or provide her data numerically then she's not really doing things very scientifically.

Then look at her past projections here on DPR and judge it with 20/20


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