Leica S2 review, if you please :)

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Re: Leica S2 review, if you please :)

I appreciate your work and review, Irakly Shanidze.

Since I am not a purist, I gladly accept such reviews, even if subjective and non scientific. However, you must understand that some readers feel differently and they will bash you in every possible way.

My only comment is about "S2 is the only DLSR you'll ever need". I beg to disagree. S2 has several limitations, which in my opinion, limit its appeal. Beside its astronomical price, the range of lenses is limited. With both Nikon and Canon releasing cameras in the 36-38M pixel range, at a fraction of S2 cost, the days of MF including S2 are numbered. Not only cost, but the availability of lenses from a variety of sources such as Schneider and Zeiss, as well as zooms, will make the choice a no brainer for photographers.

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