Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Re: Where speculation ends

geronimo wrote:

Marianne Oelund wrote:

jenella wrote:

If the latter is true... its just more speculation IMO despite all the fancy charts and graphs.

If you know me, you're aware of how fiercely independent I am. The data is derived from my own analysis of sample images, and no other sources or tests were considered.

No one, but your cult followers, really knows who you are. The rest of us just see are your charts based on "preliminary" "estimated" "extrapolated" data.

According to Google there's a woman with that name, who also shoots skaters, who's an electronics engineer for BAE systems.

That's a great background for this kind of analysis but if she's not going to share links to the images she analyzed and/or provide her data numerically then she's not really doing things very scientifically.

After such hard work on her part it would be nice to share the actual data so it can be peer-reviewed. I also find her estimation of diminished D4 performance curious and obviously, her input data is everything.

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