Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Re: Where speculation ends

Marianne Oelund wrote:

jenella wrote:

If the latter is true... its just more speculation IMO despite all the fancy charts and graphs.

If you know me, you're aware of how fiercely independent I am. The data is derived from my own analysis of sample images, and no other sources or tests were considered.

No one, but your cult followers, really knows who you are. The rest of us just see are your charts based on "preliminary" "estimated" "extrapolated" data.

Your independence is great, I'm sure, but what would be more important is if you shared the vast array of sample images you used in gathering your D4 and D800 data, so that we may better validate for ourselves your scientifically calculated assumptions.

D800 data

You can safely assume that curves shown for the D800 are, if anything, underestimating the performance of the production camera. The sensor parameters were derived from NEF sample images...

Why can we "safely assume" that the D800 should perform better than your estimation charts?

D4 data

Below ISO 400, D4 performance hasn't been precisely established. The ISO 200 curves are a bit of an extrapolation, and there is a possibility that the production camera may be very slightly worse in SNR than shown.

No, it hasn't been established. You are pretty much guessing.

Other ISO values

My website has curve sets for all principal ISO values 200-12800, which you can access by editing the URL's provided in the opening post.

There aren't any URLs in your first post.

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