When will the x1pro zooms be available

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Re: When will the x1pro zooms be available

I wouldn't be surprised if generation doesn't have something to do with the prime vs zoom preference.

The first serious cameras my employer ever gave me were Leica M3s and IIIgs. I certainly don't recall any zoom in that kit.

Once I purchased my first gear it was Nikon Photomic FTN bodies with the odd Nikkormat thrown in. Again no zooms there.

Once I tired of carrying all that gear, I got out of photography as both a job and a hobby. It is only after the advent of good smaller cameras have I again gotten interested in the hobby.

And my idea of different focal lengths is as it once was a couple of bodies each equipped with a different prime.

At least I don't need to take a separate body to house color film to complement the 2-3 bodies equipped with Tri-X.

Pretty fun stuff.

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