Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Actual ISO vs manufacturer ISO

Thank you for the effort. These numbers are pretty close to what DXO Mark shows. (for D3s)

One question though. According DXO Mark for D3s, ISO 6400 in camera is only actual 5085. I believe this. You know why? I tested this with D300 using sunny 16 rule.

D300's ISO 800 (which is the maximum ISO I use with 29.6 db noise) is only 557 according DXO. If I shoot at f/16 on a sunny day for the perfect exposure I should get 1/800 at ISO 800. But that picture will be dark. To get perfect exposure I should shoot around 1/500.

This is the sunny 16 rule. On a sunny day for an average lit subject (Assume grey) at f/16 the shutter speed should be same as ISO.

My point is even if you are happy at certain ISO you may not get the shutter speed that you should get for that ISO. I think Canon is slightly better, not perfect. But from the images I've been watching I believe Canon gets higher shutter speed than Nikon. But I didn't test it myself.

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