What new FX/DX Lenses would you like Nikon to make?

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Re: DX wide angle prime

Mid-Town_Guy wrote:

DX Updates/New lens pls!!!

Would love a updated 20mm 2.8 (f/2 would be awesome) I would also be into a 14/16 f/2.8, any of these would be awesome !!! (as long as they were not over $700)

Third, a 50- 150 (or similar) constant f/4

Yes im waiting for those updates too, ive had to spend money on third parties to get f2.8 50-135mm but N-coating and af-s would be nicer.
We have got some new good lenses that makes sense on dx like:
35mm f1.8g, 50mm f1.8g, 85mm f1.8g
but there needs to be something wider with speed.

The 10.5mm fisheye is a really nice lens imho and its not just that its wide and gives interesting distortion but fantastic colors and contrast, sharp and handles flare very well.

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