Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Re: Marianne, how did you

Iliah Borg wrote:

rbmphoto wrote:

downsize the D4/D800 results to 12MP?

For this type of a study it is often not actual downsizing but interpolation of the results.

It's not "interpolation", just a simple math equation based on assumptions about the content (or at least that's what's used elsewhere). It's slightly ironic because intro monologue rants about "stops" but that's pretty much what this is.

And - although it's often mentioned as a given, how would a photographer downsize in Adobe or in CaptureNX from 36 (or 16) to 12? Just let the software make the call when asking for tiff or jpeg output dimensions?

A decent way to downsize in Photoshop is to use Bicubic Sharper.

Downsizing generally isn't necessary since the software does it automatically.

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