What's so wrong with Panny's jpegs ?!?

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Re: What's so wrong with Panny's jpegs ?!?

Bob Meyer wrote:

So you're saying, basically, that you don't know how to use your camera correctly. All those things you mention are easily adjustable.

toon12 wrote:

wow, where to start?

Let see, WB, yes, I've seent the threads about adjusting the global white balance left and down, and the threads about setting the white balance to the specific light, and it doesn't always work because the GH2 is all over the freaking place on white balance, even in the same light.

Yes, I know how to adjust the exposure comp, but I hate doing a global adjustment and leaving it because it is just not that strong outdoors on dynamic range and will blow highlights, which is probably why the default on the exposure setting under exposes.
So yes, I know how to use my camera, sport.

Much easier to shoot raw to overcome the cameras issues then to lose shots on the white balance.

What is wrong with the jpegs from my Panny?

They are dull and lifeless, regardless of the settings. I suspect the GH2 often underexposes, and gets the WB wrong. Now, you produce one picture that came out fine. Great. But I've loaded thousands of raw files into Adobe Lightroom, and am amazed how with virtually no adjustment on the default settings the processed files blow away the out of camera output.
Especially in portraits, but if you are happy, great.

My E-P1 jpegs were far superior to the ooc jpegs of the GH2. But the raw files from the GH2 sparkle!

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Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image, or the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Bokeh is not the same as depth of field (DOF).

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