Nokia camera phone worthy of talk?

Started Feb 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Camera Phones, quality and capabilities...

I see a lot of these physical limitations being overcome by superior software and processing. How important is it to have a full line of lenses when you have the ability to zoom in as much as you need on your giant image and have its quality and detail not diminish? I'm not saying this can be done now but perhaps can be done in the future. Factor in stuff like Lytro's light field shenanigans and I see the possibility of sometime in the future having software that can accurately duplicate shallow depth of field as well. We are already seeing technology's ability to overcome dynamic range issues in the form of in camera HDR. The future is wide open and barriers will come down. Now I'm just being optimistic and have not seen a full review of the Nokia camera phone, so i don't want you to think I'm getting excited about nothing. I just think technology will continue to advance the photographic arts even to the overcoming of what we once thought were insurmountable physical limitations.

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