Any Q Bugs?

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Re: Any Q Bugs?

There is one little bug (in the latest firmware, presumably also the previous version) where, if you have the Q set up to do AE lock along with AF lock on half-pressure of the shutter release and you are using the internal flash, the first shot you take will (if you are within normal flash range or close) be overexposed - really heavily if you're quite close. Subsequent shots (until you turn off the camera) with flash will be fine. Turn it back on and it'll happen again on the first flash shot, even if you've shot a lot of non-flash shots first and had it turned on for a while. It just looks as though that first flash exposure is a full-power, un(TTL flash)metered shot.

This problem doesn't occur if AE lock is set on the green button instead, or not on any control at all. The choice (if you like to have AE lock available) comes down to whether you find it more annoying to quickly reshoot that first flash shot, or give up other potentially more useful features of the green button by putting AE lock there instead (for example, taking the so-called "green button" functions off the green button and replacing them with one of the other options also disables program shift, as well as the Hyper-program [one push to set manual exposure mode to a correct exposure setting by the method of your choice] feature in manual exposure mode).

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