wildlife-- 400 f2.8 with TC or 600 f4?

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Re: wildlife-- 400 f2.8 with TC or 600 f4?

Tack sharp is a subjective term, and there will even be people using that term about the Bigma.

And no, I have not been using two defective copies of the 600VR to reach the same conclusion as many others, including Bjørn Rörslett regarding their TC-friendliness.

But I am probably more critical in the use of the term "tack sharp" than most in here, and I have no intention of devaluating the term to please the crowd.

And remember it is all relative, as in the 400VR and 500VR taking TC's better than the 600VR, which is still my experience.

Nice bird-images, which proves my point as far as I can see, the naked lens would have performed better, debate only goes as to whether it would be 40% better.

And I agree on your view on weight, where hauling glass makes sense to get great pictures.

Humanoid wrote:

Thats nonsense on the 600 not taking TC's well. That copy must be a poor one and my first copy was, but the second copy is stellar.

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