Canon S100 or Fujifilm X10?

Started Feb 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
eyalg Regular Member • Posts: 277
Re: Canon S100 or Fujifilm X10?

Like you and many others, I was contemplating the same two cameras,
after having the S90 before, I wanted the S100 for its compactness,
but in the end went with the X10 for its exciting-ness and wasn't sorry.

I recently compared the two at high ISO's,
and the X10 camera out winning with flying colors (pun intended) -

The X10 is more 'fun' for photographers, especially DSLR owners.
The S100 is cute, but it's a compromise, in my opinion, with its up side
naturally being its small size. If you want a pocketable high-end camera,
there's actually no other, but if you're willing to carry it on your belt or
in your bag, there's no reason why not to get the X10.


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