recommendations for a sharp legacy prime in 75-135mm range

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Re: recommendations for a sharp legacy prime in 75-135mm range

The Kiron 70-150 F4 is a tiny lens that has good optical quality. The Nikon series E 70-150 F3.5 is thought to be the same lens but it is quite a bit bigger. I have both lens and the Nikon seems better to me but that may just be sample variation. Both lens are going for cheap prices compared to their optical quality. The Nikon is infamous for zoom creep while the Kiron that I have has no creep. On my d700 I could hold the Nikon lens body and zoom ring to control the creep. On my EPl1 I was less sucessful due to toggleing the red button for MF and the zoom button for a magnified view.

I also have a Nikkor 50-135 F3.5 that is a great lens with a desirable to me focal range but I have not yet tried it on the Oly. All these lens are out of favor and go for bargain prices on the used market. Note that the 50-135 is a Nikkor lens with the better build and coatings than the Nikon series E that is lighter in weight and supposedly is built more cheaply but surprised everyone by being a super sharp small affordable lens.

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