Sony 18-200 compared to the Tamron 18-200 Review

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cedrec Regular Member • Posts: 328
Re: Sony 18-200 compared to the Tamron 18-200 Review

Sorry, no. I should have clarified. I know this review favored the Sony, but I've read another review that gave the Tamron a slight edge, and still others that indicated sample variation could result in either one being better, when a random lens of either Sony or Tamron is picked. I do not own the Tamron, though, and my Sony doesn't seem like a bad sample, so can not speak from direct experience.

Rich Gibson wrote:

cedrec wrote:

, but when the optical differences are so minute,....

Were we looking at the same review? In the shots of the pulley I saw significant softness from the Tamron compared to the Sony.


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