Sony 18-200 compared to the Tamron 18-200 Review

Started Feb 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
roweraay Senior Member • Posts: 2,102
Neither does the Tamron....

cedrec wrote:

I think I stated this in another thread, but as close as the Tamron comes to the Sony, or vice versa (depending on sample variation), some people may simply want to choose the Tamron due to decreased girth and its sexier black color.

Agreed. The availability of the Tamron in all-black is a BIG plus in its favor.

My 5n doesn't sit flat on a table with my SEL 18200 attached.

The same situation applies to the NEX7 too. Also, the NEX7 does not sit flat on a table, with the Tamron either.....I tried both the Sony and the Tamron and even though the Tamron is smaller, it too does not allow the NEX7 (let alone a smaller body like the NEX5N) to sit flat.

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