i'm shot and more confused than ever.

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Re: i'm shot and more confused than ever.

jenella wrote:

AgentHEX wrote:

I don't even see how D4 vs D800 is even a question unless you need 10fps.

It's twice the price for pretty much the same thing (AF/meter) and worse image quality.

The only people who are going to tell you to get the D4 if you don't shoot action are insecure D4 buyers who want to justify their own decision.

...if you say so

It's factually accurate. The people who need a D4 are not going to asking about it in a forum. As a corollary, the kind of pros who know what they're doing and need a D4 are not going to be in here telling others that they need one, too. It's mostly amateur enthusiasts and weekend shooters trying to justify their own choice by trying to direct others to the same decision they did.

BTW, I also feel the D800 is excessive from a technical standpoint for most of these folks.

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