Roughly Speaking: Do you want 20 MP or 40 MP in the new 5D?

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Just using a TV set as an example. If my room space is limited or I prefer watch in relative close-up distance, a 40" 1080p TV set meets my requirement. I don't see how a 60" TV can resolve more details that either I have to move further away or actually I will see more flaws on 60" TV from the same relative short distance and give me more headache, LOL.

And you can't see how this might relate to the practice of comparing different resolutions at 100%???

I see exactly. I sit closer to 40" TV than in front of 60" TV and I see the same level of fine details in current 1080p TV sets as I view 30x20" vs 60x40" prints. If you don't intend to view 36mp D800 at 100% size why you need 36mp, just for cropping or printing large?

So you view your photos at 100% then? How do you do that exactly?

I don't print large (so 36mp will be wasted) and I see the camera with better per-pixel IQ is better in cropping (such as my 10mp 1D3 does much better cropping than 18mp 60D). Anyway I see 22mp 5D3 benefits me more than a 40mp 5DX.

Were these crops of the same actual size? Did you view them at the same size?

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