To buy Olympus SZ30MR or SP 810UZ

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Re: To buy Olympus SZ30MR or SP 810UZ

katiekate wrote:


I need help in deciding whether to buy Olympus SZ30MR or SP 810UZ.Your feedback will be much appreciated:-)

The SZ30 will fit in a pocket, the SP810 will not - you are more likely to have the SZ30 with you.

At maximum zoom the SP810 produces obviously better images, but even 24x zoom is enough for most people - most people don't photograph things they can't see with their eyes and I often use my SZ-30 instead of binoculars - it's better, it has an image stabiliser!

Below 24x zoom there isn't a vast difference in most lighting conditions, although the SZ30 handles low light better with it's BSI-CMOS sensor.

For Video the SZ30 is significantly better having full HD, decent stereo sound and a zoom that works while videoing.

The extra 2 megapixels of the SZ30 will not be noticeable.

The extra wide angle of the SZ30 can be useful.

For use on a blog they will both produce some very fine images but the small size of the SZ30 means you are likely to get many more images simply because you can have it with you at all times.

It is worth looking in the Oly Talk forum, and there are a lot of SZ-30 images in my gallery...

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