5D3 no DoF preview button?

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Re: Maybe they have a better solution?

Hi mike, i was talking about the image inthe optical viewfinder going dark.

As I use legacy manual lenses i get dof without ever having to use dof preview

Mike K wrote:

Richt2000 wrote:

Maybe the DOF will be via the Live view and menu option:

The sensor will increase amplification so that you can actually see the image (rather than the old manual version where at f18 the image goes black and you can't see anything).

If they haven't done this, then the idea is mine (you saw it time date stamped here first) and I want royalties!!!
Or a job as a camera designer paying $200K

Perhaps you have the camera not properly set up? If you want to see the dof at f22 do you have the menu set up to to Live View/Movie func set, LV func setting, Stills only, Exposure Simulation?

The sensor does not increase its amplification, the LCD increases its amplification. The LCD is perfectly useable at f32, even with the dof button depressed. I just tested it at f32 with a 400/5.6.

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