Newbie struggles with birding

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A Lot of excellent birding advice here!

Just keep it coming! I'm taking notes. I have pretty much decided that I want to get the 100~400 glass. The 1.4 extender might be a stopgap but I hate to give up that stop of light. I recently rented the 100~400 for a few days and I gotta say, I loved it! Certainly heavy and huge compared to this 200 but it really did reach out there.I just need to find someone who wants to trade! I'm going to work on all the advice here re: technique. I definitely need some improvement and practice.

My 'method' lately has been to use M with auto-ISO; setting Tv to 1000+ and using the big wheel (Av) to 'chase' the ISO to a low number. I'm having limited success with this and the auto ISO tries to save my butt when I don't get wide enough. I try to have the Av at 6.3+ to try to maintain some DoF just in case. If I GET that keeper shot, I'd like to get the whole bird in focus, not just one eye.

This method caught me out in rookie-ville last weekend, however. Sun setting but still 'just enough light' when a kestrel came just overhead. I fired off a dozen frames at 20 foot straight up and just KNEW I had a keeper. Review reminded me that just before this I had taken sunset shots...due to the direct light I had hurriedly turned a couple of hot-laps on the big wheel to stop down and get the ISO and Exp within range. I then turned to the kestrel and fired a dozen well-intentioned shots at close range f/22 and 3200 ISO!!
Just a rookie.
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