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Causio wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

Nikon one is Phase detect AF without a mirror and according to Nikon AF was even faster than the D3s, tracking might be a different story (for now) but if there's enough need then it will be made to work.

Huh, now that's interesting, thanks for pointing out. Guess what now, maybe my next camera after the next will be mirrorless after all

I would check out the latest Olympus too for AF, its supposed to be very fast!

As for FF mirrorless lens size, have you looked at Leica (and other M mount) lenses? That hasn't been an issue for decades...

True, but they're all prime aren't they? What about zooms? Consider also that the leica, being a rangefinder, have no real tele.

correct about usable tele lenses but look up the MATE and WATE as zoom alternatives. I only really use zooms at the wide and Tele end but I get the attraction of the zooms still.

Yes I (think I) read that the mirrorless lenses are smaller than equivalent dslr's. Still, I look at the sony nex kit lens (18-55, f4.5-5.6 or something) and it's not so small... guess what a professional 24-70 f2.8 for full frame would be. Nothing that points out to a "small camera" anyway . But a progress indeed in terms of size (perhaps not stability) which I welcome indeed.

I'm not a fan of the Nex system for that reason, my little cam is a Panasonic m4/3 and with the 14mm pancake it fits in a pocket.

AF is slow though and the shutter lag bugs me, as does the lack of viewfinder at times. Give it a few more years though and I think it will have something for everyone!


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