Revert to the previous firmware ?

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Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery
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Re: Latest news...

Sorry ...

Although I imagined it, but is good to note what we can NOT do with the J1's FWs.
Thanks for share.
& now to naughty service ?

JP Scherrer wrote:

I formatted my card, loaded the previous firmware version (J1_0110.bin), went to MENU > FIRMWARE VERSION and.... all I had was a green strip at the base of the monitor where it was written: DONE !!! ...and no way to move into the settings !

Ohhh well..... too bad Nikon doesn't allow users to choose if they want to keep the latest firmware or not ! ...and to be able to decide wether we like it or not, we MUST try if first, don't we ???

Stupid naughty Nikon !!!


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