Paid Shills And Organised Trolls.

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If a camera is good, its good... End of

The way I see it, 2 options:

the company pays for people to spread bad comments about brand X and promote their own, the camera comes out and brand X has the better camera. the company looks crap and those promoting the camera get ignored because they appear to know nothing (or it turns out to be completely true and the camera is better than brand X)


the company doesnt pay anyone, lets people argue on their own accord as its not worth paying for what others do for free. the camera comes out and it sells well because it is a good camera. Brand X also sells well because it is also a good camera.

Does brand X need to die for another brand to be successful? No

Does the existence of brand X make cameras from other brands better/more competitive? Yes

Will my lenses from another brand work on the camera from brand X? No, so I wont buy brand X

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