Does Ricoh's lack of roadmap mean there is no roadmap?

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Re: Does Ricoh's lack of roadmap mean there is no roadmap?

Andrewteee wrote:

I have to admit I don't understand the desire for the non-camera units.

Neither do I.

But if I'm honest about it, it may be that Ricoh considers the GXR system complete - a couple of fast primes, macro, a zoom, an m-mount unit... what more would Ricoh really add?

An image stabilized telephoto lensor maybe? I shoot a 75mm short tele with an effective field of view of 112mm and find it more challenging to use across different conditions than I'd like; I think I'd actually break down and buy a 75 - 90mm prime lensor module if it offered a workable, optional, IS system.

Beyond that my top three, no four, wishes are:

  • Full frame 135 format sensor in a M Mount module. There's no doubt at all this would sell well at any price under $2,000. Where can I pre-order mine?

  • An updated body, with a built in and updated EVF, allowing flash and EVF use

  • An updated body / camera units should eliminate most of the current lag; some is shutter lag but much of the lag is in the EVF / LCD finder responsiveness.

  • Last but probably more important to me than anything else, I'd like to see them improve shot to shot responsiveness, reducing blackout and card write times, adding single shot buffering. Why have effective multi-shot raw buffering but not single shot? May need a new processor which speaks to new body and/or modules.

As for the lack of a roadmap, like anyone I'd love to know what the plan is going forward but am in no hurry to make significant changes to my gear and don't feel the lack of a road map hinders what I need to do in any way at all.

I can understand why coming out with a public statement of direction might take longer given the flooding and merger. No doubt by now they've brought the two groups together to hash out a strategy. Is that process finished? Maybe, maybe not. It'll take more than a sit-down over beer or sake to come up with an enduring plan.

It may be there is more to be gained by keeping their new directions, if any, secret for the time being.

I just hope the design influence of the Pentax K-01 does not find its way to the GXR. Equating smaller with "cute" is a mistake in my opinion. I love my plain black serious looking GXR especially with a heavy hunk of serious metal mounted up front. Cutesy-pie designers stay away!

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