Return to Nikon with my dream......

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Re: Return to Nikon with my dream......

Welcome Home

a bit late but genuine

Fletch147 wrote:

Hi folks....

After 6 great months with the Canon 5D mk2, I have been saving hard and finally realised my dream.

The Nikon D3s.

Forget D4's....and D800's etc...I'm not bothered. I was satisfied and missed like hell my D300 / 18-200 combo.

I've returned to what I'm familiar with......looking forward to investing in Nikon glass over the next few years including the holy trinity.

and I missed my SB900! I'm finally satisfied.....and feel genuine love back with my camera

time to forget gear...and start making pictures again.....and I feel back at home with Nikon folk......many who are still here a few years down where I started....

I will say...the D3s feels bloody good! yes its only 12mp but its a better camera than I'm a photographer.....although they all are!! even the brilliant little D3100!

The best camera in the world the one you use.....



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