E-PM1 low light focus quite disappointing.

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tedolf wrote:

Anders W wrote:

tedolf wrote:

andrzej bialuski wrote:

I think that I tried just about anything I could have. I looked for contrasty elements or a glimpse of light, but it did not work. The focus just did not catch on.

I did not try standing on one leg though.

What would you have done differently besides deciding not to shoot or switching to "guessfocus"?

1) Fix the focus box in the center of the frame, do not let the camera chose the focus poit for you.

No need to put the focus point in the center unless the point you want to focus on should actually be in the center when you shoot the frame. The focus-in-the-center-and-recompose method gives rise to systematic focusing errors. Of course, you might want to leave the AF area in the center if you are pressed for time or if minor focusing errors are of little importance. But it's not the best method and sometimes yields suboptimal results. The best method is to move the AF area to the point in the frame where the object you want to focus on will be when you shoot.


See below.

That takes forever.

For me and my Pany it takes a couple of seconds. Don't know about you and your Oly.

Also, if you set the shutter button to focus on the half press and meter on the full press (matrix mode) why would you get sub-optimal (or sub-orbital) results?

No need to bring metering into the picture. We are talking about focus, more specifically your suggestion to keep the AF area in the center, focus on the target and recompose to place the target in the part of the frame where you want it. For reasons explained in the link below (appropriately entitled "focus-recompose sucks") this will lead to systematic back-focus:


2) identify a contrasty point in the scene (faces work well) at approximately the same place where you want the plane of focus to be.

3), focus and hold focus.

4) recompose and shoot.

I have never had that methid fail.

Bob Tullis I believe identified that the PEN CDAF sensor does not sork well where the contrast diference run horizontally (?) so turn the camera to portratait orientation if you are still having problems.



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