Does Ricoh's lack of roadmap mean there is no roadmap?

Started Feb 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: that would be silly

zigorus wrote:

i'm sure Ricoh has a plan for developing their product offerings. they're just choosing not to share it with the outside world until they feel the time is right.

don't you think it's nice to be surprised and delighted now and then?

Surprise and delight are wonderful for birthday parties but a poor way to run a company. People need at least a fundamental knowledge and commitment of what they are buying into and whether it has a future that coincides with their own goals. They want to know what they are investing money in when they buy a system rather than spending the first $1500 and then wondering when something wonderful might happen.

If they want to spring some good news over and above their stated plans then fine, but that is not a substitute for running a business in a businesslike way.

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