Phil Askey was smart to sell when he did

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Re: Here ya go:

This is getting too close to 1%.

I'm outta here!

Great Bustard wrote:

JJJPhoto wrote:

illy wrote:

i read from one of the DPR's staff posts that the forums create about 5% of traffic the site receives

That's actually VERY surprising to me. I work for a site that publishes reviews of tech gear and our discussion forums generate 60+ percent of our total traffic every year.

I wouldn't have expected the forum traffic on DPR to be only 5 percent of the total traffic.

Heck, even when you do a Google search for a specific camera question it's more likely that Google will link you to a forum post than the official review of the camera (assuming you didn't search for something like "Canon Powershot G12 Review") ... so that would suggest that even the forums get good traffic from search engines.

I realize the active forum members in any forum like this are just a small "vocal minority" but it seems almost unbelievable that the forums only account for 5 percent of DPR's traffic.

Look no further:

Forum posters represent around 2% of our daily visitors, forum traffic as a percentage of total site traffic has fallen slowly but steadily since 2007. The forums are a hugely important part of DPR, but they do not represent the majority of our users, or anything near.

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