D800 1.2X Crop Mode - As Fast as D700 & Higher Buffer Capacity?

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Re: D800 1.2X Crop Mode - As Fast as D700 & Higher Buffer Capacity?

PatrickP wrote:

The 1-year exclusive deal you mentioned might well be true. According to SonyAlphaRumors the 36MP A900 successor would be announced in Feb 2013.

If that's the case, the D300s/D7000 successor would not show up with Sony's 24MP APS-C sensor until August this year, a year after NEX7's debut.

Looking at the time line, perhaps the rumor of D400 NOT being DX might well be true. 24MP DX on both the D400 and D7100 both in August would not make sense, and both are overdue. A simultaneous release of D7100 and D9000 (more upscale, more buffer, but not as much a price gap) might happen.

Perhaps the 18MP D700 successor would be named D400??

Yes. agreed. Expect Sony 24mp DX sensor in a nikon camera (DXXXX) 1 year after Sony launched its own (NEX7, etc). As you say, it could well be a sort of D7100 on sales after summer. That is non-aggression reciprocity in exchange of letting Nikon enjoying in exclusivity the 36mp for a year.:). I am 99.99% sure about the exclusivity for the 36mp sensor and 90% sure same exclusivity for the use of the 24mp but this time for Sony and Nikon to wait 1 year.

Time will tell what this D700 replacement will be. Even though plans are already established for quite some time and they probably already have a prototype at this stage, surely it will be tweaked depending on what Canon is coming up with the 5DIII. But I agree that many information points towards the fact that the D300 will not be replaced. Going forward, DX cameras will be named only DXXXX (eg, D7100, etc) and the new lower end FX camera will be named DXXX.

Since Sony and Nikon have been playing with these agreements on their most recent cameras, I see not reason they would not continue. Because Sony is going to launch a FF camera with 24mp, this leaves Nikon with only 2 options. Wait 1 year after launch of the Sony stuff, or go their own way with a non competing sensor probably from another maker, around 18mp. My bet is this is what is to be expected....:)

What can I say. Nikon and Sony are in Love!

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