Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

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Not very surprising
  • first, past Fuji superzooms have consistently delivered IQ that was below par, on noise, on exposure, and on CA etc. Granted some of this, typically CA, gets auto-corrected in-camera by some competitors - but why can't Fuji do it?

  • the X-S1 is equipped with the same sensor as the X10. The good is that in theory this should make it capable of nice IQ in some situations - the bad is that you might get the "white orbs" that the X10 gets around bright lights at night, and which do ruin many shots

  • unfortunately some early reviews of the X-S1 suggest that its IQ is markedly below that of the X10 despite using the same sensor, a likely mix of inferior processing and the compromises required by a superzoom lens

Now on to the shots you show: white birds in the sun CAN be challenging, and typically yield best results with spot, or at least center-weighted, metering - have you used this, or simply matrix metering?

Frankly I personally was never going to buy an Fuji superzoom camera given past history, and your input only serves to confirm this. I bet you'll be much better served by current superzooms from Panasonic, Canon, or Sony. Sure they will not offer you a manual zoom ring, but the upside is that you'll be able to zoom while filming without making the image jump

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