Does Ricoh's lack of roadmap mean there is no roadmap?

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Re: that would be silly

dorfinator wrote:

I'm surely not one that knows how companies operate and plan for future products. However, I would have to assume that with the purchase and merger of the Pentax unit and the current roadmap for the GXR completed they have other matters to handle in the near term.


Those are my thoughts also.

But, you have to also assume that they are watching very closely to how well some of their latest offerings are doing in the marketplace. I sure don't have any idea on how well the M Mount is selling for example.

I surely don't know how well it has sold but others who might know have said it has sold very well.

It would seem to me thought that if it were doing well and was selling beyond their expectations then maybe we could see the possibility of a FF Module

Somehow I think that a FF module would tax the resources a bit - but who am I to tell - surely it is an interesting concept.

along with an updated GXR body to go along with it to compete with say, the NEX 7.

The GXR body is pretty schmick I think - slip a glass cover over the lcd to satisfy my latest whinge and an additional back with evf inbuilt would surely sell to most existing GXR back owners to give them a choice - make it part of a (say) aps-c kit and they would surely sell quite a few zooms in the process as well.

So I think those of us that are happy with how things are now to just enjoy the great tool we have and get out take some photos! At least I am!

Been doing just that myself - don't know how I fit it all in ....

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