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Re: Video of NEX-7 focus speed.

golfgirl wrote:

wow! with shots like that I may reconsider my purchase! funny you mentioned the canon achromatic lens, I was thinking of getting one for my nex. Sorry to side line this post, but may I ask your recommendation-I did post a question but only got one reply. I have both the 18-55 and the 18-200 lens, which lens would benefit more from an achromatic and what power would you suggest? again, sorry for hijacking this thread, but I am so impressed with your shots-I aspire to get something half as good!

After using the 18-200 and seeing it struggle for good close ups. I haven't tried it yet but I really think (after much thought on getting the Nex to shoot excellent close ups) that the 55-210 is going to be "the" lens to add the Canon 500D onto and really see the Nex perform well at close ups and macros...I can't say for sure but I know the 14-140 Panny and the Oly 14-150 don't do that great at close ups as well, but the 45-200 Panny does very well, so i am thinking the 55-210 will do very well...

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