Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Polarising filters will reduce many reflected highlights...

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Carlodpr wrote:

and I don't even know if such exists, but would it be possible to put a polarizing filter or any filter of some sort and see if that handles or at lease mitigates the orbs issue?

Maybe this is a stupid question but I was wondering...

It's not a stupid question, it's a good try at thinking 'outside the box' - but a polarizer is going to make nighttime shots virtually impossible, cutting down what little light there already is available.

Moreover. Bright lights and bright reflections are probably not polarized.

Actually, reflections from many surfaces are polarised and using a polarising filter is a well known means of reducing/eliminating reflections from many surfaces such as glass, water, paint etc.

But - unfortunately, polarising filters won't help with reflections from metallic surfaces.

Also they do cut down the overall light typically varying between about 1~2 EV stops - and of course you have to fiddle around rotating them to get the maximum effect.

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