How rugged is the A77?

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Re: How rugged is the A77?

They are tougher than you might think

I own and use 4 ( Yes, four ) A77's to create industrial / building site images, and they get knocked against scaffolding, scraped on concrete etc every day

I use multiple bodies to save the dust issue when changing lenses and run 4 different lenses that rarely ever come off their respective bodies

They perform faultlessly ( In general, yes, I have had the odd strange issue, usually fixed with a battery removal and replacement )

However, the best test came when recently shooting some wild penguins on a personal shoot and I slid down a rock face with one body taking a very hard impact on top of the flash ( It had the 16-50mm attached )

I sent both the body and lens off to the authorised Sony repairer here in NZ ( Ojne of the Technicians worked for many years at Minolta UK in Milton Keynes )

I was worried the sensor may have been shocked out of alignment but after talking to the tech, there was absolutely nothing but cosmetic damage. He did however correct a little back-focus

Haven't had any of mine really wet yet, but have had water dripping off an old A580 and it wasn't even supposed to be able to do that, so I would have no worries re A77's in the rain

Cheers, Stu
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