Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Third fast one....

might be the XPRO-1.

Unless Fujifilm does an abrupt about face and reconciles this issue ASAP there is no way in heckaroonie I'm going to get a Fuji product- ever.

Nor will I recommend one if I ever do another review of one.

The X-Pro 1's I handled at CES were horrible early firmware cameras- why they even had them out I don't know. If I were a camera manufacturer, I'd not have shown those cameras in that state.

Fuji are in a rush- it looks desperate. That company has a lot of great people working for them, I'd be very sad to see those people lose jobs over something as stupid as the decision Fuji made to put faulty cameras on the market thinking they could get away with it.

Fuji know how to pull heart strings, and fast ones.


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