A Rant about Job Security

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Re: A Rant about Job Security

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Richard Weisgrau wrote:

  • Why does the cost of mailing a letter keep going up crazy in this age of email and texting, for example?

Because the system costs are now being borne by a lower volume of postal mail. However, the US has a very low postage rate when compared to other countries. Try mailing a letter from the UK to the the USA. If you do, you will be thrilled with the price you pay to geo the the other way.

Also, congress is making the postal system pay decades of costs for the retirement up front. Those costs are way out of proportion to the actual costs the system needs to bear. This is a well publicised problem.

I'll bet not one postie is complaining about their wages, Chris.

They are complaining about conditions and job security. They are getting rid of workers by consolidating routes so those left are overworked.

And what exactly is "over-worked"???

You have no idea.
They still have a fat paycheck despite another letter or two to handle.

Who the heck deserves JOB SECURITY???
You are a union member. I get it, bamyamama.

I'm talking about Public Service Unions making fat money on the backs of tired tax-payers.

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