Does Ricoh's lack of roadmap mean there is no roadmap?

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Re: that would be silly

zigorus wrote:

i'm sure Ricoh has a plan for developing their product offerings. they're just choosing not to share it with the outside world until they feel the time is right.

don't you think it's nice to be surprised and delighted now and then?


I tend to agree, I quite like the surprise element and, as noted, don't get overly excited by road maps. In the past Ricoh might have had reason to regret announcing road maps as their customers tend to want to hold them to "the promise" and use the road map as a stick to beat them with.

However Ricoh have in the past been reticent with announcements but there has been a little information about. Things have been even quieter since the Pentax acquisition but not as quiet as what Canon might have in mind for an EVIL type I suppose.

What brought this about was a respected industry person who I know made a sage prediction that the Ricoh camera division (product) might not be around much longer.

To me this seems a nonsense. But in support of the argument it was pointed out that Ricoh have retreated into a more specialist camera area where they get a smaller sales volume.

I still thought that Ricoh could always sell every camera that they could make and profits are more importtant than huge market share. So I am hardly believing the pronouncement although Ricoh in itself must have microscopic market share in Australia.

More like their Pentax division might make the volume products and the Ricoh badge become the flagship for their highest quality product. This might lead to more expensive elitist form of camera. If this is the object then Leica might have more reason to worry and the only Pentax-Ricoh cameras ever seen in your regular stores would be Pentax branded. However there would be room for Ricoh products to continue to be made and sold as speciality items through a small recognised network in any country.

Pentax dslr's are not commonly displayed in shops around here any more either.

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