LCD display balky, delays in coming on

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Re: LCD display balky, delays in coming on

Brooke Fox wrote:

WilbaW wrote:

Which lens are you talking about with the camera resting on it? As a general rule I would NEVER trigger AF when the front element of the lens or the focus ring are not completely free to move. For many lenses, the front element rotates and/or extends during AF, so resting the lens on it during AF would be A Very Bad Thing.

That is also helpful to know but on checking the AF with the cap on triggers no focusing attempts, and as I mentioned switch to MF didn't change the outcome.
The lens: 17-40L 1.4 USM.

You're in luck - that lens focusses and zooms internally (the front element doesn't extend or rotate), so it's safe.

(Unless you have a more advanced body with an option to turn off focus search) AF will always be attempted, but with the lens cap on focus won't be achieved and confirmed, so no beep. Watch the distance scale on the lens while you AF with the lens cap on - you'll see it going through the focus range.

I think you nailed it with the sensor being activated. Thanks much to you and your agree-er, Photonius.

No worries. Have fun.

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