Newbie - help with camera choice please

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Newbie - help with camera choice please


My old FujiFilm camera is about 7 years old and help together by tape. Looking at the reviews on this site, the choice of a replacement camera is bewildering so I need some advice.

As a plain point and shoot user (currently) I'm not even sure of the specs I need. I would hope that one day (sooner rather than later) I will do a camera course and learn how to use manual functions. (Advice accepted on which course I should do - location Parramatta/Hills area). I wouldn't rule out a DSLR if that is what would meet my needs the best.

  • Camera use is mainly family-related events, both inside and outside - home, school, church, picnics, dance concerts, sport, presentation nights, etc. so I need a decent camera that can handle lots of indoor events where I might be nowhere near the subject of the shot. I guess a decent flash would also help with that.

  • I'm also involved with wildlife rescue so a camera that I can use for wildlife shots is also an advantage (I guess some macro functionality as well as a decent zoom).

  • I'm not getting any younger so something that eliminates camera shake would be great.

  • I love getting the perfect shot (as do we all) so perhaps getting multiple shots per second would be good for that. I would also like to learn how to use bracketing for exposure, etc.

  • One thing I don't like is the response time of my current camera. By the time the camera responds to me pushing the button I've often missed my shot.

  • I bought a Nikon SLR (not digital) with lens kit in 2003 but only used it for a few years before digital took over. Would it be worth my while to go for a camera that could use those lens or should I put the whole kit on eBay?

  • As someone who enjoys playing around with photo editing I don't really need fancy photo editing functions on the camera itself.

  • all important budget: probably between $600 to $1000 (all up) but if there was a compelling reason to go a little higher then would consider that.

I guess almost any camera on the market would meet my needs in comparison to my current camera, but that's why it is so confusing to choose. Please help!


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