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CharlesB58 wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Method Man wrote:

I think some people might be reading too much in to the original G3 review.
What i read seemed more like a chap that had belatedly 'noticed' the G3.

Yes, that seems to be it.

Albeit only because of the sheer white noise from the still un-released OMD fanboys. I think that noise must have made him think, hang-on isnt the G3 pretty much the same? I will take a look.

The 2nd one, he shouldnt have bothered.

If he hadn't "bothered" to compare it with the E-M5, and if the outcome of that comparison hadn't been somewhat surprising, even sensational, who would have paid much attention to his review of a camera that everyone but Tuck "noticed", and talked a whole lot about, already a year (or so) ago?

wahts that old saying? 'never wrestle a pig, you get dirty, and the pig enjoys it'

I for one wouldn't use the word "sensational" in reference to the outcome of Kirk's very rough comparison. Basically what he said was that for most people who don't need weather sealing, magnesium construction or 9fps burst mode, the G3 is as much camera as they could want, at a much lower price. That's about it.

Now, what some people read into Kirk's statement is that he was trying to say that the EM5 isn't an better than a G3, why bother, yada yada.

But that isn't Kirk's fault, and I agree with him if he felt inclined to be a bit facetious in responding to his critics. I pointed out in the thread in question that some people were rebutting Kirk as though he was doing a point by point lab test, which he wasn't.

The people who need to reconsider their posts-all of them-aren't people like Kirk, but rather those who think that everything anybody posts about a camera must fit their expectations as to how the camera is evaluated. I get the feelings some people, if told by a person "Blue is my favorite color" would launch into a technical rebuttal as to why purple or aqua are "better" than blue.

People who do that deserve to have their tail feathers plucked now and then.

You need to read more carefully. What Tuck actually said is:

There are only two features that the G3 doesn't deliver that are on the OM-D checkboxes: Full Navy Seal weatherproofing (for all you rugged types who routinely photograph deep in the jungles with rain and blood spattering your cameras hither and yon). And, built in image stabilization.

What the E-M5 does have to offer over the G3 is in fact the following:

  • IBIS (new and improved)

  • Support for wireless TTL flash

  • Better user interface (dual control dials)

  • EVF eye sensor

  • Higher EVF refresh rate

  • Faster AF-S

  • Better AF-tracking/AF-C

  • Better frame rate/burst mode capability

  • Improved screen contrast/resolution (high-res OLED)

  • Optional grip/battery grip

  • Weather sealing

  • Metal build

  • Accessory port (with more potential uses than the included mini-flash)

  • Possibly a better sensor (although we are not quite sure about that yet)

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