Contemplating complete defection.

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Re: Contemplating complete defection.

You'll find that the GH series bodies (like GH2) are the most DSLR-ish, because they have the full compliment of controls on the body. I love my G3, but it's got a number of things I often change on menus instead of buttons, sliders, or switches. The G3 also doesn't switch automatically from eye level to LCD, but the GH2 does.

The GH2 is set up well enough that I can work a subject without taking it down from my eye. That said, I think the G3 raw files are better - cleaner, less noise - but the difference is very, very small.

If you shoot subjects that are very agile - not just fast, but unpredictable and change direction often and swiftly, like puppies or small children, there's no m4/3 that'll keep up as well as a DSLR. I get 4x to 5x as many exact moment images with my DSLR gear as I do with my m4/3, and that's even after doing motion tracking drills and tuning my settings to be as swift as possible. For me, m4/3 is a spectacular second system, or backup system, but my yield with my DSLR gear is so much higher...

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