Upgraded E-PL1 14-42 to 14-42 II MSC: That's MUCH Better

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Upgraded E-PL1 14-42 to 14-42 II MSC: That's MUCH Better

An Olympus E-PL1 kit owner for the 2nd time, I had problems the 1st time around with the "original" 14-42mm lens. It seemed to exhibit the "lens wobble" issue (where you could get blurry images around 1/100 second and 35-42mm due to loose lens elements). I could've simply upgraded to the newer 14-42 II MSC, but once I was "sour on the camera" (it was my 1st ever micro four-thirds experience) due to those problems, I sold out--until trying again a couple of weeks ago.

This time, even though I was getting good shots out of my new E-PL1 kit (still with the "original" 14-42), I decided to trade-up to the II MSC version anyway. It arrived today.

I must say--wow, now THIS is what I'm talking about. The lens focuses so much quicker. Moreover, and this really impressed me, it has a much smoother transition going from the compacted storage-ready position to the extended shoot-ready position. It doesn't "clunk" so resoundingly when it does that, it's smooth--and I like it MUCH better that way. (Sometimes a "strong click" can exhude a "solid" or "rugged" feel, but I prefer the smooth feel in this case.) Between it all, I may have gotten good images from the old lens to start with and managed to sell the old for $50 and paid $110 for this (a $60 difference), but it feels more like a $35 vs $200 difference, frankly. It definitely feels like much more than a $60 difference to me.

And, yes, now I can rest assured there be no "lens wobble" shots blurring images around 1/100 second and 35-42mm as definitely seemed to occur the 1st time around (not so much this time around, but I decided I'd just rather make sure).

What a difference a lens upgrade makes. I realize the E-PL1 isn't the absolute latest technology, but it's still hardly a dinosaur either. It's only a $265 kit or so after the lens upgrade (it was $215 before), considering in 2003 I paid $190 for a Nikon Coolpix 775 2 megapixel point & shoot camera with a 1.5" LCD, that's really huge to me. It's just GREAT having something this good that's this small and so easy on the wallet for what it can do.

Technology rocks--now why can't the price of gas do the same thing (ha ha).


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