Canon Foveon like 3 layer sensor. Silence?

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Re: Canon Foveon like 3 layer sensor. Silence?

Patchy wrote:

Never heard anything since the patent filing anoucement from June 2011.

I hoped that we could see this sensor technology in the new cameras line for 2012. May be I am a bit naive.

How long does the development from the patent filing to a new market product usually last?

So far I dont see my future camera from the current annoucement and rumors. I was expecting something revelutionary.......

Large tech companies like Canon do not only file patents to benefit their own products. They use patents strategically to obstruct the competition, without any (immediate) intention to use it in their own products.

In this case, might well have been filed this patent to hinder Sony in their product development, forcing Sony to either not be able to use this technology or pay for the use of it.

For a fine example of strategic use of patents see the recent world wide law suits between Apple and Samsung.

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