Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

FujicaMan wrote:

If you think I'm going to going though all the threads of the OP just to check your rebuff out you're in cloud cuckoo land, best use quotes in future to make you post more relevant.

apology accepted.

Top Tip: Before you start criticising others, regardless of why you criticising, be wary of the adage that "people in green houses shouldn't throw stones", either that or change you gallery picture.

I don't need to change my gallery pictures because they are fine photos and I am proud of them. they are not masterpieces but perfectly well done snapshots and I have no idea why should I be ashamed of them. they surely show I know how to compose a shot pretty well. and as I said you might not find the subject interesting, meaningful, expressive etc. but I do. that's why I took them and I took them for myself not for you. but again, if you have anything else to object about my pictures which is not based purely on your subjective view and taste then I'd be glad to hear about it. are they technically flawed? poorly framed? badly composed? that's something we can objectively criticize not the choice of a subject because that's purely subjective. so again, rather tell me what is wrong with them apart that you don't like them which is something nobody but you should care about anyway.

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