Replacement feet Nikon 500mm f4 VR

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Re: Replacement feet Nikon 500mm f4 VR

Try to mount the lens and camera on the tripod in the wind, or just kick one of the legs while having liveview turned on, and you will see that the Gitzo is not nearly as rock-solid as people are led to believe.

Trying a really solid tripod that the prof. videographers use shows a different world of stability, and liveview on a big tele is the best test.

If your shots always allows you to let the entire system settle down, mirror-lockup is all you need, and the tripod just needs to carry the weight, not stabilize it.

But I would love to have a better tripod for video than my gitzo, it is just not in the budget now, and the lens foot is my least concern (I changed it for practical reasons making the lens fit my Jobu BWG Pro better, and making carrying more comfortable).

Ivos1 wrote:

Well, with my lens on Jobu Pro II and Gitzo GT3530LS I have subjective feeling, that the weakest point is original Nikon feet.

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