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Whether you choose 6MP, 12MP or 24MP what you see in your pictures will be the same i.e. a 6MP picture will capture the same scene as the 24MP picture. There is NO CROPPING done by choosing different sizes. The ONLY difference between 6,12 and 24 MP is the resolution. i.e. the more the MPs, the more you can enlarge your prints without pixelation.

Forget all the FF stuff. The sensor size does not change either at 6MP, 12MP or 24MP.

Noise OTOH is perception on your screen. If you watch a TV program with anamolies on a 20" TV, you won't see it that much but watch the same badly recorded program on a 65" TV and everything gets magnified. Same with noise. It will get magnified in a 24MP picture.
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sagarmatha wrote:

Reading the manual for A65 I see that it's possible to use different image sizes. If I use 12M instead of 24M dose it only use the center portion of the sensor? In that case the image should be cropped further from 1.5X compared to FF?
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