Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

nakeddork wrote:

I like it as I originally shot it, and I'm keeping it that way.

Try posting your own examples instead of thinking you can fix mine, because you can't and didn't. I'm simply chalking is up to artistic interpretiation. Unlike you, I don't take a paint by numbers approch to photography.

I can actually think for myself and make my own artistic decisions, instead of following some trivial rule I learned from the internet.

Feel free to post your own shots though. I'm interest in seeing how great your work is.

lets put it this way: you can of course take pictures you want and like and in the way you want it. I am not trying to take you away that right but in any decent photography class, course, whatever you'd be warned about this and again for a reason. of course that doesn't mean this is a rule that can't be broken quite the opposite but it's a rule that needs to be broken with a good enough reason. if you don't have any such reason yet you still break it then one could do nothing much than presume you don't even know the rule to begin with. you are talking about your artistic interpretation and that's fine. but I'd really like to hear about it because it seems to me that you simply overlooked the problem and not did it intentionally. that was my point. because again, I showed you in practice that your "artistic choice" had no positive effect on the overall quality of your image. you could pretty much bother to align it right and it would still be the same good picture. actually, it would be a better one.

and I might be a pro or a noob photographer but in any case the mistake you did would still be there. so, how well or bad I do with my photography is completely irrelevant. my lack of skills wouldn't make you any better.

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