Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Kim Letkeman
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here are my X100 reviews and their complaints ...

Luego wrote:

By the way, here is an unrelated request:

I would like for you to indicate on your blog, what you did not enjoy (cons) on the X100. You did evaluate it, didn't you?

There I talk about the 4-way controller which completely sucks. You need to buy an extender to glue on to make it usable.

There I note a slight tendency toward grain in JPEGs, and a definite tendency to CA on that lens.

There I first note that the ISO is fixed above 1600 and then explore further in the next part. This is common on other brands two, the difference being that Fuji allow it to affect exposures. This issue appears also on the X10.

There I discuss the X100 posterization issue. This was really ugly. The firmware fix appeared to address it, as the movie in that post showed.

There is discuss a few of the other issues. I also note that boost ISO is JPEG only. And I note that the controls in general feel clunky to me.

I'm not sure if it is captured any where, but I hated the on switch on the lens. Just awful.

There I document their horrid battery charger.

There I document the strange exposures the X100 requires when shot head to head against the D7000. Most of the lens advantage vanishes.

And that's where I stopped. I just never liked the cam ...

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