re: Reuters potential scandal (relevant to their reporting of Olympus)

Started Feb 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sad.

misolo wrote:

If you want to indulge (and it is some weird sort of lazy self-indulgence) in paranoid conspiracy theories as well as throw all sound ethical judgment out the window, at least be smart about how you do your proselytizing. This just makes you look sad.

Absolutely. The OP has been conducting this rather weird and irrational one man campaign against anybody reporting or discussing the appalling Olympus financial issues. Those of his previous postings on DPR and 43 rumors on this subject that I have seen have seemed to grasp at any straws, no matter how feeble, that might possibly cast any of the critics in a bad light (and all lacked substance), instead of accepting that several members of the Board of Olympus have clearly been involved in a cover-up over nearly two decades of investment losses and the use of several acquisitions to hide the losses.

Most strange.

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